RDLDN Project RadioLondon


Project RadioLondon Preview at Villa Arson

I’m very glad to present a preview of RDLDN - Project RadioLondon at Villa Arson - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'art  in Nice. A series of sketches will be exhibited at the Galerie d’Essais et Galerie Provisoire with a short performance and  followed by a panel. The project consists of  an archive of audio portraits and connects physical places to a digital archive of documentary audio/video portraits. This  of a series of performative and collaborative events and sound sculptures serie, which will be recorded and stored in a web radio, and which will form a gallery of portraits of artists that recently moved from Southern Europe to Northern Europe, especially in cities such as Amsterdam, London, Helsinki, Zurich, Copenhagen, Berlin, etc.

RDLDN - Project RadioLondon calls for a planning of itinerant sounds­workshops and the resulting contents will be avaible in an open and free­of­charge archive, which propose an alternative system of representation and documentation, based on emancipation, inclusion and self­cultivation. My purpose is to produce a series of portraits of developers, pioneers and cultural activists who actually live the experience of immigration as a personal, social and political opportunity, and not as a gap.

As an ‘emerging artist’, it is important for me to look at what is happening within in my immediate environment, exploring notions of how it could be possible to continue an engaging art practice and be aware of my time.

The project will act as part of a research topic exploring possibilities of how emerging art practices could survive in the geography known while wars, political instability and austerity measurements are still in place, resulting to major changes within the arts; these scenarios lead to a huge gap and become limiting and restricting for lesser known artists or projects that are currently still building their audiences, to succeed.

The Goal of the radio is to make 1000 hours of recording available on demand in the Web Radio and involve hundreds of people between Northern and Southern european countries.

RDLDN Project RadioLondon

1er Rendez-vous des Bricologues

Galerie d’Essais et Galerie Provisoire

March 19 2016

Villa Arson

20 avenue Stephen Liégeard