Project RadioLondon _ Harare for CTG(R): Zimbabwe 2018

CTG(R): Zimbabwe is organized in collaboration between the CTG Collective, Catinca Tabacaru gallery (New York / Harare) and Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions. CTG(R): Zimbabwe is now evolving parallel to the broader CTG(R) program and has resulted in institutional and museum projects internationally.

From the press realease of CTG-R: ZIMBABWE 2018 at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Harare:

 “From politics into poetry, Andrea Abbatangelo moves from stranger to familiar. His methodology was one of field research, understanding the surrounding space and culture. A chair stands tall underneath a native tree, looking from above, bird watching maybe; while a sculpture-cum- basketball-net introduces a foreign entity to the community’s meeting space – the Somaby Shop.”

Project RadioLondon _ Harare


 public sculpture, steel, pigment and audio gel system

86,21 x 23,60 x 23,60 inches

220 x 60 x 60 cm

Project RadioLondon _ Harare


public sculpture, steel, pigment and audio gel system

86,21 x 23,60 x 23,60 inches

220 x 60 x 60 cm


Project RadioLondon consists of a series of  sou-nd sculptures and site specific sound installations which will form a gallery of portraits of artists that moved from Southern and Eastern to Northern European cities.

My aim is to connect physical places to a digital archive of documentary audio portraits following a program of performative and collaborative events which will be recorded and stored in a Web Radio.


Further information about the Residency Programme and the Crowfunding.



Project RadioLondon calls for itinerant sounds-workshops to engage sound art practice as a means of critically  representation of mobility and art practice through collaboratively experiences an alternative system of representation and self-representation based on engagement and self-cultivation.

Project RadioLondon is made by an artist for other artists and we are going to invite mutual collegues and meet local communities during a nomadic session of workshops giving voice to activism and encouraging individuals and groups of people and involving them in multidiscipinary sessionS of work.



Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 25, 2018 | 3PM

CTG Harare, Plot 1, Stonehurts, Harare, Zimbabwe


Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions, the CTG Collective, and Catinca Tabacaru Gallery invite you to celebrate the third iteration of our art residency - CTG(R): Zimbabwe 2018.

Residency Artists

Andrea Abbatangelo - Italy

Ranti Bam – Nigeria

Felix Kindermann – Germany

Capucine Gros – France

Terrence Musekiwa – Zimbabwe

Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi – Zimbabwe

Xavier Robles de Medina – Surinam


Chikonzero Chazunguza

Jonathan Dube

Raphael Guilbert

Rachel Monosov

Justin Orvis Steimer

Catinca Tabacaru


The Residency was founded in , the two institutions have collaborated on four major projects in Zimbabwe, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery.  With the support of Dzimbanhete Art & Culture Interactions and CTG Collective as a collaboration between the 2015inclulding the building of our first structure - CTG Harare designed by Rachel Monosov; an annual art residency held at Dzimbanhete; and an exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare curated by Catinca Tabacaru.  The Residency's artists have gone on to participate in international residencies; gallery and institutional exhibitions in cities including New York, Paris, and London; and in the past year in the Biennales of Venice, Bamako, and Dakar.

This year marks an important milestone in the Residency's development.  For the first time, CTG(R): Zimbabwe put out an Open Call and received over 120 applications from artists in 40 countries.  The selected artists landed in Zimbabwe at the beginning of August, familiarized themselves with the current context, and have been producing new works, which will be presented this Saturday, August 25th, at CTG Harare. 



From Harare - towards Norton down Bulawayo Road. Left at the VOX POPULI billboard (just before Lion Cheetah Park) after which signs are posted.

Public Program

The exhibition is open daily to the public by appointment.

Please call Chikonzero Chazunguza at +263 783 499954 or email info@ctgcollective.com to plan your visit.