Project RadioLondon has been selected for CTG(R): Zimbabwe 2018


CTG(R): Zimbabwe, a month-long art residency program taking place in Harare, Zimbabwe during August 2018. A Selection Committee of international CTG Collective members chosen Andrea Abbatangelo, Felix Kindermann and Capucine Gros join the 2018 Residency.


The selected artists will work collaboratively for 4 weeks in Zimbabwe and, if necessary, will be responsible to finish their project in the months immediately following the residency. The artists exhibition will be presented at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery (New York / Harare) during the 2018-2019 exhibition season.


While in Residence, the artists will benefit from an intense focus on dialogue and production enhanced by the exchange of ideas and the presence of 3 more pairs of artists and numerous CTG Collective members. All artists will receive technical and artistic assistance, as well as local know-how support. The artists will live and work at Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions, an art center located 20-minutes outside of the city center and surrounded by bushland and small villages.


A brief description of residency program:


CTG(R): Zimbabwe is an annual Art Residency program organized in collaboration between the CTG Collective, Catinca Tabacaru gallery, and Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions. CTG(R): Zimbabwe is now evolving parallel to the broader CTG(R) program and has resulted in institutional and museum projects internationally.



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Project RadioLondon consists of a series of sou-nd sculptures and site specific sound installations which will form a gallery of portraits of artists that moved from Southern and Eastern to Northern European cities.


My aim is to connect physical places to a digital archive of documentary audio portraits following a program of performative and collaborative events which will be recorded and stored in a Web Radio.





Further information about the Residency Programme and the Crowfunding.



Project RadioLondon calls for itinerant sounds-workshops to engage sound art practice as a means of critically representation of mobility and art practice through collaboratively experiences an alternative system of representation and self-representation based on engagement and self-cultivation.


Project RadioLondon is made by an artist for other artists and we are going to invite mutual collegues and meet local communities during a nomadic session of workshops giving voice to activism and encouraging individuals and groups of people and involving them in multidiscipinary sessionS of work.