BetOnest 2017, Stolpe/Oder, east Brandeburg(DE)


23th July 2017 - 3rd August 2017


Transformers is a ten day workshop based on a multidisciplinary laboratory focused on documentation and self-cultivation; the process involves several languages and disciplines such as performance, photography, literature, carpentry, drawing and self-publish.






Transformers proposes an alternative system of self-representation, focused on storytelling and based on inclusion and collaboration.


This workshop departs from Fresh Widow – After Duchamp, a performance that I've presented at Tate di Liverpool - as part of the educational project A Living Museum, produced by Tate, Pompidou and MMK as collateral project of the itinerant exhibition An Imagined Museum. This performance is based ron the radical idea of Bradbury’s Farenheit 481. From the experience of my solo performance departs the needs to develop this topic in a collaborative workshop.

My experience about this workshop started last year when has been shortlisted and produced by R.U.F.A – Rome University Fine Art.


Transformers in Rome involved 32 students for 40 hours in 4 days, 1 classroom, three laboratories and several talks and hour of discussions. From this experience I decided to extend the days of laboratorial based activities and focus mostly on performance and body-language.


With Transformers I encourage participation of artists having the opportunity to voice their views and make responses to establish methods and strategies for an active involvement in developing a conscious practice.


*Basic photography knowledge and a reflex camera is needed


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betOnest is a new artist residency space located in Stolpe/Oder in east Brandenburg is a former cement factory that spans approximately 45,000 square meters. It is a work and research space for interdisciplinary artists and a cultural center that aims to provide both for the immediate community that resides in the area as well as the international community of artists and makers in Berlin and abroad.


This residency is affiliated with Ponderosa e.v., a dance space in Stolzenhagen that has been hosting festivals, residencies, workshops and training programs for the past 15 years. betOnest is rural, raw and epic. A pre-post apocalypse heaven for aspiring artists. Started hosting Open residencies in December 2016 and now opening our first ever summer seasOn wOrkshop prOgram.


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