My proposal is Life Speaks.

This is a new work and consists of a site specific installation of two canvases* fixed on the wall by only one of their vertical side each. This sense of unexpected obliquity of the two canvases is linked to your idea of continuous change of its layout but also recalls the shape of two pages of a randomly opened book. a site specific installation 

My aim is to represent the complexity of the public space where both the Biological and Social are bound in a vital binomial. We imagine public places and cities as methodical and geometrical systems while it is the tingling life that imprints it heartbeat. Although any attempt to make them more measurable and orderly, to contain memories and fears, hides accumulated treasures and hopes, the overall plan of the cities is determined by a natural disposition.

Build as a geometry in the image of the stars and the skies.

My work will show the continuity between the accidentality of biological forms and the floor plans: roads that meet and intersect, streets and parks, there is a strong resemblance to the tissues that make up our organs or the structures of the leaves. Once again, the relationship between biological and social.  

As many ways to link those settlement to the terrestrial surface. The planimetry of the places where we live follow the rugged shapes of mountains and rivers, plains and valleys and our cities resemble the clouds that overhang us.

I will dedicate my work to terapist and change-maker Sophie Sabbage and artist Jaider Esbell.

* Materials: photographic emulsion on canvases

two elements

133 x 202 cm each

Tags: #publicart #performance #bodyasarchive #london

#biological #social #art #artivism